How would you train a 24 y.o. women

Since we have such a broad level of expertise on the forum, I’d like to pick the collective brains of the experienced and the newly arrived.

Lets say a young lady, 24 y.o. walked into your training center. Her goals are to improve her general fitness levels and shape up a little. No prior history of weight training before.
No sports in college or HS. Has a one y.o. child. No history of injuries. BF 18%.
Has participated in low levels of home exercising (follow along videos like aerobics, abs, Tae Bo, etc…) and walking.

What kind of lower body training program do you have her start off with?

This should be a cinch. What sort of program were you thinking of. Write it out and I am sure you will get a lot of comments.

GPP circuits to bring her relative strength up a bit before using weights, and interval training/circuit work to cut the bodyfat and recover. Plus get her diet sorted out. I like the bodyweight circuits because you can do them anywhere and only require about 30 min of time, so there wont be an excuse, maybe she cant make it to the center but she can do it at home later on.

Get serious. 18% BF, no sports, and a kid. She is already “shaped up” and exactly what is wrong with her level of fitnes??? She sounds very fit to me.


Come on man, woman are never satisfied! They always want too better.