How would you rate these strength coaches?

Of course Charlie is the best so lets put him at #1.

Ian King
Dave Van Halanger (UGa-if your into football)
John Davies-Is that guy in the pictures with the winter hat him?
Shroeder- trained Adam Archuleta

add any you may wish

Christian Thibaudeau

James Fitzgerald, Number 2, Primal Fitness, and maybe in a few years me.

There are so many great coaches. We all have our favorites!! My mentor (Robert Weir) throws coach at Stanford isnt even a strength coach but he has produced some very strong and athletic thowers.

I also like Joe Kenn, Bill Starr, Christian Thibaudeau, Ashley Jones, Ken Liestener, Brooks Kubik, Ethan Reeve, Bob Hoffman and Charlie of course!!!

of course, Charlie gets props for his innovations. I like C-Thib cuz he gives direct references for his beliefs. He’s always helped people understand difficult concepts and makes them more intellectually accessible for us ADHD types that get bored after reading 10 sentences.

Mel was one of my faves…

Weir also produced the program for Dara Torres…good stuff!

Whoops sorry Clemson, forgot to add you on that list too. Love your posts, love your articles and love your web site. Maybe we can get together somtime and talk shop. I am right down the road from you, I think?


Just curious as to why you mentioned Van Halanger with those other names. I don’t know much about him as I haven’t kept up with the Dawg’s S&C since Eric Fears was there.

As for college S&C coaches, Joe Kenn and his staff get my vote.

While he was at FSU dudes were insane…

Buddy Morris. One of the best. Joe Kenn (ASU), Jim Roney Uof Richmond (the best motivator of athletes I ever met), Joe DeFranco.


where are you located? What city?

Actually my post just made me think (that is not normal for me). What makes up a good strength coach. I worked with Buddy Morris and he is a great strength coach and I also worked with Tim Kontos (VCU) he was also a great one. These two coaches had very different approaches. I believe that first and foremost a str coach must motivate the athlete. A strength coach can write a perfect program but if the athlete doesn’t trust and respect the coach does it matter what the program says? Just some thoughts.

I am in Mass, I work right in Acton of of rt 2. I was actually down at harvard today and ran the entire stadium. I must say it was one of the hardest workout I have ever done.


Swing by the Danger Room sometime…get in the know with the labrats…you can see what I do and post on if I am a fraud or not. I better put the overspeed bands away! Rt 2? So close!

I would love to come by the danger room and check things out. Just let me know where and when exactly and I can come and visit and I would love to post some of the things you do. I am always up for learning and seeing what other coaches are doing and even jumping and in a trying a few things.

Check your PM…nothing amazing just hardwork…take care fritz

Does Robert Weir over at Stanford over see Grace Upshaw’s strength program?

I notice over these last 2 years she has really beefed up and a lot stronger

I did not see her when I was there. But thats not to say he hasnt worked with her. Mostly what i saw him working with his own throwers and ex-college throwers trying to make the olympics.

How about posting why some of these guys are good? Training philosophy, approach, contributions, results, etc.

Me!!! :d