How to reduce the volume in the GPP


i m thinking about the plan that Charlie “creates” at the GPP DVD.

I know(and definetly dont have to try :rolleyes: ) that the volume is too much for my body…

Normally i follow the day-by-day-ruler and it usually ends in the order: day1:speed /day2: tempo /day3: rest /day4: speed /day5: tempo /day6: rest / and so on…

The GPP is a bit different, bc of the split routine in weights and the hill sessions, explosive med-balls and so on.

The CNS-stress is spreaded over nearly every day at the beginning.

So i have 2 ideas in the way of reducing the volume(of course i will also reduce in the single sessions), so that i can still use the idea of spreading CNS-stress with the split routine in weights:

First idea:
just use the usual idea of day-by-day-ruling:

day1:hills+splitted weights

day2:tempo with splitted weights andother CNS related components


So i 'll have just splitted weights: 4 or 6 depending on the number of hill sessions.

The “problem” is just that i will perform sometimes 2, sometimes 3 hill/speed sessions, bc the week has 7 days, which is a odd number :stuck_out_tongue:
It just makes the volume per week not representative.
(but i could see 8 days as one micro-cycle).


Just perform the GPP according to CF and leave single components simply out.
i.e. : doing the upper-weights on a monday but leaving the hills simply out and doing the lower weights on the next friday but without the tempos.

Idea 3:
Doing it every week like this:

Mo hills +upper
Tue tempos + lower
Wed hills +upper
Thu tempos + lower
Fr rest
Sat weight upper and lower + tempo
Sun rest

So we have 4 splitted weights+ 1 complete weight session as in the SPP.

I hope you guys can understand what i mean(at least the ones who “analysed” the GPP-vid :wink: )
Any ideas about this a very much appreciated !

PS: i you dont understand what i mean you can email me and ask for the plan that cover all components that are given at the DVD. So you can see what i mean.


i would just stick to the plan, the only change i am gonna make is lifting mwf the whole 7 weeks.

HOw about

Mon - Hills - weights
Tues - tempo - explo med ball - circuits
Wed - Hills - weights
Thurs - tempo - explo med ball - circuits
Fri - Hills - weights
Saturday - tempo - med ball - circuits
Sunday Off

what do mean circuits??? i would just keep the med ball on mwf, some athletes cant handle the plan above

i m sorry but: hat does “mwf” stand for ?

EDIT: “monday - wed - friday”… It’s late here in Germany right now :rolleyes:


but you wont be able to perform the split routine in weightlifing!

Thats the same plan like in a SPP or the end of the GPP(weeks 5-7). But if i wanna stick with the split routine; that’s no possibility, or did i get it wrong?

micro split your weekly workouts. ie, wk 1. asks for 10x10m, 10x 20m & 10x30m as an example
if you work on it such as mwf
monday 10x10m 5x20m
wed 10x10m 5x20m 5x30m
fri 10x10m 10x20m 10x30m

ect each wk
if you can already easily do the workouts prescribed, then you are running really well

if you cant, that is why they are there. To overload yourself and bring a training response. dont kill yourself doing them, perhaps it may take you 1.5 weeks to get the 1st week done, but i would get it finnished before moving on. Perhaps 7weeks will drag on to 10, or even 14.
I too have felt like its a lot of work, its the end of wk 3 now but its now after 3weeks that i feel i can now get it all done with confidence. It just takes a bit of time
Stick with it. and Grow.

THX for that. Its similar to “idea 1” from above.
So you do exactly the what is descibed but you need more time for it.

The problem in just reducing the volume of the sessions is that i simply need 2 day rest a week and cant perform this hI/ low-I day after day.

what do you have for recovery? ie,
protein after workout,
eat lots of good quality and quanity food
try bromelain and calcium mag. tabs every day
drink at least 3-4 liters of water per day, even in winter, here in Qld Aust in summer that could be doubled…
are you getting 8hrs at least of sleep?
are you in a stressfull job or a active job, ie welder, fitter ect.

i m using all of this:

sauna, EMS, massage once a week, 3-4litres and plenty of protein.

The problem is my back: i m getting probs when i m not stretching every night before bed and i simply feel sore when doing high/low/high/low at the HI-days. I got 2-3 streams this season that way. when doing high/low/rest it worked fine.
So i guess i need more time of developing(i still 19years old) :smiley:

Have you seeken chrio adjustment? tell ya, it works a treat if you find a good one.
Ask around your area, good ones will be given great referals. its certainly worth the visit.
I was thinking before too, you could keep it to the 7kws as per the dvd, as long as you can complete each session each wk. Maybe not the 3 sets of hills ie m,w,f,
but maybe just mon thur as long as you can finnish off the required sets and reps of hill work??
I was thinking maybe i wouldnt drag it too long. But being 19, and depending on your current level of fitness and speed, maybe it would be benifical? Charlie does say that in the 1st few yrs of training one does concentrate on things like this more so than when you are a older training age. Am pretty confident he said that??? lol.

i am surprise that ur guys cant handle the vol in the 7 week phase.

The med ball on tues thurs and sat - are low instensity med ball - wrote it wrong down - doing quite similar to CFS med ball 1st half of video

so what do you think CF should we < the vol in the gpp and spp?