How to heal to muscle pull?

Just had an athlete go down with a severe quadricep pull (rectus femoris). By severe I mean noticable swelling and bruising along with pain even at rest.


  1. How to get better-

What therapy is best?

Would light biking be beneficial for circulation?

Should creatine usage be stopped or continued to draw fluids into the cell?

What time frame for recovery?

Any recommendations for resuming training?


Any advice at all?

Haven’t seen anything of this magnitude in my career.

The couple days of rest and ice won’t appear to work.

What have you done so far? I assume ice and elevation at a minimum.

rest, ice, compression, elevation (RICE), and anti-inflammatories (as usual), and after a few days gentle stretching and contractions, to aid correct scar tissue alignment and further swelling reduction; but a doctor/physio will assess directly to give more acurate treatment.

Creatine should not decrease the process of inflammation. If the Cr draws fluid into non-damaged cells, more fluid will be drawn into the surrounding tissue spaces and damaged cells to support the cells/chemicals of the inflammatory response. It is the cells of the inflam. response that needs to be decreased to help keep scar tissue to a more desirable amount. Fluid (as with other inflam. components) will decrease with use of RICE etc. and allow increased ROM for contractions and stretching. May as well discontinue Cr.

MSM has shown promise in reducing the healing time of soft tissue injuries - may decrease inflam. or speed laying down and remodelling of scar tissue. Has anyone tried it?

Steps we have taken:

  1. RICE several times during the day
  2. Compression wrap during periods of just walking to class
  3. Went off creatine
  4. Thinking of very light biking as first step back

Still noticeable swelling after several days off although the bruising has subsided.

Any info on MSM?

Any thoughts on massage?

Stretch or just let it heal for awhile first?

Visit and for more info on msm. There have not been many clinical trials on msm and prob will not be in future since it is selling extremely well anyway, and is not considered a drug. is best to buy from - it is cheaper and is quality tested - certification available. which sells lignisul msm is also lab tested but since their msm is very slightly purer (only due to less water however) they bump up the price alot.

Does anyone recommend deep friction massage of scar tissue after the acute stages? If the muscle is contracted and stretched, surely the scar tissue will have correct alignment and adhesions will not be an issue.

I would think only massage for increased circulation is necessary.

Any suggestions on dosage or timing of intake for the bromelain and MSM?

Ideal MSM dosage is approx 2-3g twice per day ie. morning and night. It is not expensive if bought in crystal form and can also be bought in bulk.

It took awhile to locate the MSM and bromelain, but I will keep you posted on the results.

The unofficial diagnosis is a tear in the athletes fascia surrounding an abductor muscle just below the rectus femoris.

I will continue the RICE, MSM, and bromelain suggestions until we see a specialist.

Thanks for the input so far.

Are there substances that should not be taken with MSM or bromelain that would have a negative effect on absorption?

ex. calcium with ZMA

How many days after an injury should deeper tissue work be done?


I think MSM can be taken with anything.