How to go about sprinting in my routine?

Well guys, im back and with more stuff too. I maxed out the powerlifts and my results are:

Squat:275 way below parallel

I got a whole lot stronger, and my single step vert jump went up about an inch as well…and i also got sprinting spikes for when i test my time! (i think theyre 6.8oz but these are my first spikes ever)

In the weeks before i maxed out, i had already set up a Westside PL routine, coupled with a 3 day a week Powerclean percentage outline routine, and 2 days a week i do plyometrics and sprints. My routine now currently looks like this:

Monday: ME Squat(and powerclean day 1)
Tuesday: Plyometrics and sprints
Wednesday: DE Bench(and powerclean day 2)
Friday: DE Squat(and powerclean day 3)
Saturday: ME Bench(and plyometrics and sprints)
Sunday: Rest

*Powerclean routine can be seen here(yes its really the russian bench routine but it can be used for powercleans too): *

*Plyo routine can be seen here: *

This routine set up seems to be just optimal for my body, as its not too much volume yet it has enough exercises. I’m new to plyos and sprints, so 2 days a week should be fine for me.

So yeah, i have no knowledge on how to set up my sprint workouts…this is where i really need my help. Any basic ideas on how to set this up? As for what i am training my sprint speed for, primarily its for the 40 yard dash and the 100 meters…



Edit august 17th 2004—heh, no one checked this out i guess, but im 153lbs now, and im attempting 365SQ/265BP/435DL Tomorrow :slight_smile: