how to get fit

Charlie, I think most of us understand tempo work but what I would like to know is how you put together the first 3-4 weeks of the year (Before you introduce speed), what days do you do tempo, what days do you lift, how to you progress the volumes. I appreciate that this could be quiet detailed but perhaps some guidlines for getting a developmental athlete fit.

Jacko the best of example of this is the training dairy of Angela Issajenko (pg 121-143) in the Charlie Francis Training system. It tells exactly what she does each day.

P.124 CFTS
Gives a sample microcycle General Conditioning Octover 26-Nov. 1 1997.

you might want to move your post over to the “general fitness” section of the forum. you have the general idea down for getting in shape with tempo runs and such, but i couldn’t tell you exactly how charlie put it together in the CFTS because i don’t have it. guess we should both grab it on e-book.