How to adjust tempo due to an injury

How should I adjust a tempo routine due to an injury. I have missed two weeks of training. I have also gone to an ortopedic surgen, and he said the injury was from last season, I trained under my coach’s plan. I will be going to therapy, learning how to stretch the muscle, and help it heal. The therapist also said when I train, I should train until I start feeling pain in that area. I will be going back in a month to see him again.

Now, how do you adjust tempo due to this. DO you ignore missing the two weeks, and start where you would be at, while following the doctors advice, or do you do somthing else. Thanks for any help.

Hit the pool first and go from there. Assuming you have been doing other low intensity work to keep up fitness, you can get to your previous tempo fairly quickly (although not immediately).

I dont have that option to hit the pool. I have a coach that wish’s to see me doing things. I need to do track work. So what should I do with track work to bring it back up. I also need to make this coach understand, since I will be re-explaining what I am doing. What should I do with tempo?

Should I just start where I stopped, and then after two weeks, keep going, and take away some sessions in the future, to catch up by regional meet?

I would really appriciate if someone could give me an answer before 10:00PM tonight. We are having a meeting tomorrow, and will need to explain how I will adjust tempo due to this problem. If I am unable to explain, I may lose him allowing me to train on my own.

Could someone out there please give me some help. I didn’t need to explain to the coach yet my plans, but I would like to know what I’m going to do starting next week. If you need me to list how my tempo was scheduled, just ask? I know someone out there has to know something. Please, someone help me with this.

ask your coach what he thinks

That would be a great idea, if my coach knew the answer. I’m sure I would get an answer, but not a great answer. You did give me an idea though.

Not sure what kind of injury you have, or if I can be of any help. I had terrible luck coming back from muscle strains / pulls too soon. I sure wish I had used more caution, or at least some caution. Otherwise, you are going to be dealing with a chronic thing.
I had an athlete strain a hip flexor in football last fall. he missed 2 weeks and then came back, but was never at full strength. After football he took some time off, but not enough and ended up aggravating the injury. He has recently gone to another physical therapist. He is taking 2 weeks off of any kind of running, just doing rehab 3-4 times a week. After 2 weeks he is going to start 30 minute jogs, then work his way up slowly, according to his doctor.
Whatever you do, I recommend being very cautious about overdoing it on your comeback. Good luck.