How Soon??

This question is for anyone willing to answer and give an opinion, however I would really like to hear from Charlie on this.

With a beginner sprinter, how soon should you start to tailor the training program to him? Is a certain amount of general do what the others do training needed, to accumulate a “base” training level??


Anyone wanna take a swing???

i was under the impression that you always do that. Based upond weaknesses, fitness level, etc…you adjust the focus of the program via volume, order of workouts, what activites you perform, etc…and these variables are manipulated specifically towards you. ie if your acceleration is lacking, up max strength, make max V a secondary focus. And if your max V is a weakness, maintainance weights, and gear workouts towards max V, etc…, the list could go on and on…so i would say right now…

thanks Numba.

Reason I brought this question up is that the biggest meet for me is in 11 weeks.

I wanna set up my training so that I can blast everyone else in that meet. I’m gonna try and put a log together based on CFTS and I’ll post it to get some feedback.