How much does .... equal?

I’ve been reading through all the old threads about this and I was still a little confused, so let’s clear everything up.

Obviously 1 crunch = 1 abdominal rep and I guess that 1 situp = 1 abdominal rep, but what does everything else equal? All situps and crunches = 1, but how about Med. Ball exercises, static abdominal exercises, hanging ab variations, etc.? I read you guys doing 1000 abs/day on tempo days, but I also read that some exercises can equal up to 10 crunches, etc.

Any and help would be appreciated. Thank you.

I am sending my formula to rupert on coversion of slightly more difficult exercises into numbers so that people have a menu of choices and parameters. I base my core training of Jason Trott, former conditioning coach for the D-rays, so it is similar to charlie but perhaps he could define his limit of low intensity work for elite athletes. A med ball chop can range from 1-2 “units” with a 1 kilo ball to 10 with a heavy ball and higher velocities.

Id like know what those leg raises on that “chair thing” that you rest your elbows on are equal to.
Id say 3 ?