How many times a week do you lift weights?

I’ve only been going once a week and my strength levels have been pretty much maintained. How often does everybody else go to the gym?

By the way, I normally go to the track about 4 times a week.

We lift 2-4x week

3-7 times a week…but I am a weightlifter not a sprinter.

I do the same, well mostly 4 x/week. Mondays and Wednesdays are speed days and I lift post speed work on lower body and Tuesdays and Thursdays I do Tempo and lift upper body. Occasionally I will switch b/w Thursdays and Fridays or Saturdays with more circuit training/calisthenic type resistance exercises (ie. push ups, plyo’s, etc).

Yours similar?

We lift 3 times a week - Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

I am just entering SPP. (submasters athlete)

I lift weights twice a week with plyos in the same session.

Volume of weights is low (9-12 total sets per session)

2 speed workouts a week and one strength endurance session. (bodyweight circuits, tows etc)

Working great so far.

Day 1 - weights/plyos
Day 2 - Strength endurance circuit
Day 3 - Speed Endurance/lactic
Day 4 - weights/plyos/core
Day 5 - REST
Day 6 - “shorter” Accel work
Day 7 - REST

2 per week at present during GPP and I’ll move that up to 3 during max strength to spread the work load - with 1 workout of weights only which will fit in with 2 speed + 1 tempo track session.

SPP my emphasis will change back to 2 with 2/3 speed sessions per week alternately with 1 track tempo.

A sub 11 Polish bloke at our club sticks to one weights two track sessions a week all year round - I think I’d lose too much meat that way.