How Many Meters Should You Run With A Parachute?

I wanted to do a little overspeed training so I brought a parachute. How many meters should I run to get the most use out of my parachute? Should I run with it for 10 meters and then release it and run without it for another 10 meters? Or should I run with it for 50 meters and then release it and run without it for another 50 meters? I’m interested in increasing my speed not speed endurance. Overspeed training is suppose to help your speed after acceleration.

My opinion…none

be definition Running with a parachute is not overspeed training. Running with a parachute and then releasing, is still not technically overspeed training. The two most common methods of overspeed is slight downhill running or being towed.

What you are attemting would be considered more of a contrast method. With that said, I would opt for another type, as the parachute can negatively impact your mechanics.

There are some old threads about both parachutes and contrast training. As I recall, Charlie was opposed to parachutes because the drag was not consistent and could not be controlled (easily). There are quick release methods for both parachutes and towing (resisting), but I’m not sure there’s data that such things are beneficial. Contrast methods are more like run up a slight (3-5 degree) slope for 30m, run down a slight slope for 30m, but Mike Young has suggested running up a slope, followed by running in the flat.

Contrast methods work, straight overspeed methods (just towing without contrast) don’t seem to, but parachutes could actually make you slower if the inconsistent drag messes with your mechanics. You would likely be better off doing strength development by sprinting steep hills, pulling a sled, or plyos (box jumps).

Yes plz trash it

Some football players showed up on the track at York last year in late May and were running with parachutes on the back straightaway. The most annoying part is that they end up flailing all over the place with even the slightest of wind and end up taking up at least three lanes. They are a great way to piss everyone off on a busy track. If you want to do some resisted running, look into buying an Isorobic Exerciser. They work great, and are cheap and unobtrusive!

Only over speed. Need is with wind. Or isorobic if u can find one cheap

Trash the parachute or send it back for a refund if you still can (along with any towing tubes, platform strength shoes, acceleration ladder, or Moye starting blocks if you have them). Anything that significantly disrupts proper sprint mechanics is not going to improve your running speed development. I think most of these gadgets create more of a psychological effect because the athlete can feel significant changes in perceived running speeds (whether resistance or assitance) but at the cost of technique.

If you want to do contrast training, alternate running with and against the wind. Speed change drills with cones are also another excellent method. Another simple method is to do a med ball acceleration and then several regular accelerations. You can also add slight resistance during power speed drills like A and B skips/runs by holding a med ball and then doing the drills without added weight.