How long to speed up a former speedster?


I had an athlete, she ran 11.90 and 23.70 with me (took us 4 years), then she went elsewhere, ran at 70-90% for 12 months and now she is back to 13.0 and 26.0!!! Man, this is soul destroying! My question, how long will it take me to get her back to the 11.90 shape, or is the damage done and we won’t get back to this for a long time?

did she gain weight?

She gained 2-3 kg, but no big deal. Just a different coach, and different approach, and then a stressy after a few months didn’t help issues (i know this keeps getting worse) either!

She has to want it. You can give her the best training in the world but if she’s not willing it might be a waste of time. The time it will take for her to improve will vary from one athelete to the next. In Charlies manual there is a chart that has how much you gain per training phase. I think with all phases comined GPP SPP and Competition it adds up to about 10% (I might be wrong). So maybe mid to low 12 by outdoors (may june) perhaps.

Anyone else?

What is a stressy by the way?