How long does it take to develop excellent speed endurance?

I realize that this obviously differs from person to person, but from the experience of coaches on the forum does something like this give most individuals proper time to develop excellent speed endurance for a 100m?:

Week 1
2 sets 3*60, 3 minutes in between reps (95% or as high as possible while maintaining speed througout workout), 15 minutes in between sets

Week 2
Same thing with 2 minutes in between reps

Week 3
Same thing with 1 minute in between reps

Week 4
2*120 as all out as possible

Week 5
2*140 as all out as possible

Week 6
2*150 as all out as possible

Week 7
2*150 as all out as possible

Week 8
2*150 as all out as possible

This was the progression I was thinking of following in the eight weeks up until competition begins next spring. Does it make sense and do you guys think this is enough time?

I would double the amount of reps on week 4-8.

Makes sense, probably wouldn’t be that hard. Maybe 3 at least at first since these are going to be with 20 minute or longer recoveries. Maybe weeks 7 & 8 I could do all 4*150 if it doesn’t kill my muscles. Thanks mj.

i agree with Mj…