how long does it take for a rolled ankle to recover?

how long does it take for a rolled ankle to recover? and what can i do to help speed up the recovery becaues i have double days for football starting in 1 week. please help guys.

2 to 3 weeks depending on the severity. RICE Rest, ice, compression, elevation. Traction may help.

took me 6 months +. Mine was more like folded over though, not just rolled. I had bone fractures and 3 torn ligaments, bleeding in the joint and the fluid sac thingy popped.

OUCH!! 2 questions:

  1. how did it happen, what was the mechanism of the injury?
  2. did you get surgery on it?

First, I would use your own self judgement to assess how bad you think it is, if its a minor strain, it may just be swollen and little painful, in which case I would follow Stevemac24 advice on RICE.

If you seriously stretched your ligament outside its plastic region you will “never” recover the ligament to its original length, in which case an ortho will usually recommend either surgery if you are a serious athlete or if its affecting your daily living activities (so even if your are not an athelte) or they will recommend to strengthen the muscles around the ankle joint to compensate for the ligament laxity; same as a dislocated shoulder or knee.

But, best advice would be to use common sense, and professional advice if you choose to.

I was carrying a 100lb rock down a muddy hill with skateboard shoes on and slipped and fell on my ankle. POP!!! was all I heard. No pain until the next day cause it numbed instantly and swole up just as fast. Lots of ice for the 1st 2weeks, and lots of physio after the first 2 weeks. Basically I can never sprint again, but it doesn’t seem to effect me with fight training, except when I do tempo where it begins to hurt alot after about 1.5 kilometres of volume in tempo.

No surgery. That was an option, but not really feasable.

jeez, is that part of your training or was that just part of everyone’s adolescent (including me :D) dumb things to do ?

My friends house burned to the ground during last years massive forest fire here in Kelonwa. I was helping landscaping for the new house. They told me it was too heavy…and under the circumstances…they were right and I was wrong. It was the most depressing thing that has happened to me.

Well, just be thankful that it wasn’t worse than it was…and the bright side is, its opened up a new door for you in the sport of martial arts.

mine is feeling better already. iv been icing it and elevating. so my hopes are up

And what happened to you DB ? was the “strain” level I, II or III ?

sorry to read about this!

Yes, mu left ankle suffered a strain Level I yesterday, the pain was so hard that i started to cry instantly.
Today i´m about 90% better, but i´m not sure what should i do from now until back to track.
I´m doing RICE so far and some kind of phisioterapic exercises, so…

just be sure to ice and take all the rest you need until it feels entirely better. I rolled my ankle very very mildly last year, but because I ignored it and continued to run on it staight through, it developed some kind of severe tendonitis to the point that I was limping to the starting line to race! I spent hundreds of dollars on physical therapy last summer when it really was preventable if I had just been patient.