How good is MILO magazine?

I’m thinking of subscribing to MILO magazine.Since it will have to be shipped overseas the price will be a little high. Is worth paying a little extra cash?

Its good. There’s a lot of good info on strength training and strong man type stuff. Def worth it.

This is not much to go on, but some posters on other forums have said that the “new” MILO isn’t as good as the old. Maybe get an old issue to see if it’s what you were hoping for.

OK, thanks fellas. I’ll give it a go.

It’s worth it to me. I’ve got several issues and I’ve read and re-read each one. Never gets old.

I think they are great

yes some are better than others depending on your sport preference. I love the interveiw or biography articles if they are from this century IDK if it is a thrower , oly lifter, powerlifter or strongman. But some issues have stuff that I don’t care about (arm wrestling/ ancient ledgends or obscure european physical culturists from over 100 years ago) but I have bought every back issue and have a sub now so yes I think they are worth it.

Good oweightlifting/strongman/powerlifting comp coverage