How fast do you think I could go?

I know this is an arbitrary question, but I’m going to ask it anyway…

I’ve never competed in track, but I’m starting my first season tomorrow. Given my bodyweight (170), and my strength numbers:

Bench 255
Low Box squat 395
Snatch-grip DL 425
sumo DL 520
Powerclean 275

How fast do you think I can potentially go in the 100m after 2 months of solid speed training?

Anywhere from 12.5 to 10.2
The reason I am saying that is because I have seen people with thoese lifting numbers run in that rather large range.

I dont wanna sound like a jerk but your squat isnt all that great. (even for a 170 lb guy).

I dont know how old you are but if you want to run sub 11 sec. sprints you will IMHO have to get your squat up.

Your DL is pretty impressive though

Here’s what I am trying to understand and maybe somebody can inform me. What is so special about the squat as opposed to the deadlift?

I squat regularly as I am doing what I have read and been told by many intelligent people is the best thing to do. The problem is, free squatting to parallel heavy tightens up my hips like none other, especially when done multiple times a week. To be honest, I see the deadlifts as a way not only to focus on posterior chain strength, but to also relieve some of the tightness woes faced from squats. I also see a lot more consistency in myself in the deadlift vs the squat (I may go from doing 335 for reps one week to using 295 and it being a struggle).


All I can tell you is that IMHO the squat is THE most important exercise for pretty much all sports. Football, soccer, baseball, track…etc

I also pitch and when most people say you have a strong arm they’re actually getting it wrong cause the legs throw the ball.

So while deadlifts are important they dont come close to what the squat can do for you.

I squat 320 and have run 10.94. When I was only able to squat 285 I was running the same times. In high school I was only able to squat 225 and ran 10.7 hand time.
Weight rooms exercises do not always have direct correlation to sprint times. They are non specific mean of development. I think his squat is fine. Especially for a low box squat at his weight 395 is pretty damn strong.

I understand everyone’s different.
But for me the only thing that increases my 100M speed is squatting.
And the only way to improve my fastball is one-legged squats.

You dont think SPRINTING will improve your speed?
Practicing you fastball does’t improve your fastball?

mmmm i dont do squats, should i give up???

many people will favor one or the other but before they do this and before someone claims the squat to be better than deads and vice versa is to answer the question: how do you perform them? what i am getting at here is the exercises although general can be performed in a way to hit different muscle groups. High bar, dual knee and hip brake squat versus a powerlifter/box squat focus. Differences are pretty apparent here.

When squatting do you posteriorly rotate pelvis too much in deep position possibly causing thoracic spine to lose its tightness? this could be detrimental. I have seen some peole do this in the squat but their backs are very solid in the deadlift.

The squat just like the deadlift is a tool but even though i like the squat better to perform the deadlift has a slightly higher carry over to sports. The deadlift starts with concentric as does the start of any sprint event. being able to generate the power from no movement is needed. The deadlift will assist anyone who is including the olympic lifts in their program more than the squat. If you have a guy who can pull 400+ then cleaning (assuming his technique is sound) 105-120 kgs will be relatively easy.

They both have their place in the preparation of athletes but when it comes down to it, it will be individual. However in saying that, I feel a balanced program (posterior vs anterior) both exercises need to be implemented in some way.

As for how fast I would think you can go, hmmm, tought to say. Quik is right with the gap. I know a guy who doesn’t come close to any of my lifts (squat, full deep 365x2, deadlift 430x4, clean 105kg, bench 335) but yet is ahead of me at 60m.

I can lift a bag of potatoes above my head with one finger. How fast would I be in an indoor 60m sprint?

  1. I find going ATF, high bar, close stance (not that close really, but not PL width) actually is better for non-tightness than parallel.

  2. You can try step ups instead –

I contend this I’ve seen plenty of guys deadlifting over 250kg who struggle to clean 120. Additionally, heavy deadlifts are avoided by most top Olympic lifters because of the massive impact they have on the CNS. Some powerlifters only deadlift once every ten days so i don’t see how sprinters (with all their other high intensity stimulus) could fit them into a program.

Yes obviously, I never said it wouldnt

No for me it never has, the only thing that strengthened my arm (a bit) was long tosses.

But squatting has gained well over 10 MPH on my heater.

It’s not the exercise per sae that effects the CNS but the intensity, duration, action, volume, manner (grip?) in which it is performed…Some powerlifters deadlift 3 times a week, some even more so.

Guys its kindof like this if God as blessed you with a gift you got if he did not than he did not, not to say that lifting doesnt help but either you got it or you dont. Now you can do things that will recuite white muscle fibers and thats all good but the most important thing for getting faster would be to simply run. Im a testatment to that, i use to be a slow white kid in elamentry school than in fith grade i started running(no lifyting) and in three years by the end of 8th grade i was the second fastest in the county thats white black and whatever else colors you want to add. And it wasnt no country ass county over a 3mill. I end up running a 10.64 my senior year and i could only squat 480, im only 158lbs. But if you guys want to argue the difference betwen squats and deadlifts just do them both, and do clean and jerks and bench, heck do whatevers gonna build power.

I agree. But remember powerlifters are just lifitng, not playing any other sports and many have good supplement programs.
Would trap bar deads tx the CNS the same as regular deads? The grip is different, it is not as low to the floor, BUT you can lift a hell of alot more weight.

How many potatoes we talkin? If it’s over a dozen, I’d say 6.73 seconds electronic.

Hence the word ‘heavy’ (>80%). At any given intensity deads will induce significantly more CNS fatigue than squats (or any other weights exercise).

Intensity is the key variable.

Summation of forces, having stronger legs will help you throw harder.

But thats not to say that deadlifts if done correctly (freq & intensity) couldn’t have done the same.