How does my SPP look? -Schedule Attached

This schedule is based a lot on Charlie’s presentation from Vancouver 2004. I modified it a bit, and the program is sort of conjugate in its approach. I’m building short speed from the get go, but since I also compete in the 300IH I’m taking a long to short on the Special Endurance and the two should meet right around late April-May for my competition period. Not included at this point are plyometrics (if they’re to be included at all), med ball work, weights, and GS stuff.

What does everyone think? Is it too much volume wise? Does the periodization seem sound?

If there are any questions about abbreviations or how it’s written just ask.

The attachment is a spreadsheet cut and pasted into microsoft word, so it’s a .doc extension.;topic=3540.0;id=90

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I am a bit confused with some of the part where you say sets and reps, yet have different reps (or sets) listed on the chart. Can you help me out with the understanding there?

tc0710, I don’t think so. You can just right click and ‘save-target as’ to get it on your computer and then open it on Microsoft word. Maybe I’m wrong though. I would’ve uploaded it here but the only allowable extensions to upload are picture extensions, so I had to put it up somewhere else.

Davan, I’m not quite sure what you’re asking. I think though, you’re referring to the things that look like this (3 rep, 7 set). If you are, then that’s the rest period in minutes between either the rep or set. For example, on the first day I have 3x(4x60) (2.5 rep, 7 set) listed. That means I have 4 sets of 3 reps of 60m, with 2.5 minutes of rest between reps and 7 minutes of rest in between sets. Does that answer your question?

Other miscellaneous info, the last column is strength endrance work. The “Int” column is intensity, and the distance listed is the distance where I accelerate to and then I just hold the speed I’ve reached up to that point throughout the run. This way, intensity can be quantitatively measured in some aspect.

When you see (fr), that just means full recovery between runs.

Tempo X-Runs are running the diagonal of a football field, which is about 130yds.

Big Circuit is the tempo circuit described in the GPP DVD.

When you see something like (3h) or (2h) in parentheses, that means that the first 3 reps (or 2 reps in the second case) are with hurdles in the run, and the remaining are done without hurdles.

Finally, I’m thinking of starting the hurdle work a bit sooner so I have time to master that technique and rythmn rather than starting it seriously only 2 weeks before my first minor meet.

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