how do you determine which mucsle fiber is in your legs

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i’d saw a buzz saw works best :slight_smile: Seriously though, I’m not an expert so i’m sure others have better answers, but i think you just know sometimes unless you have a good amount of both. I knew since i was about 10 that i was a sprinter it just felt right.

If you can run 10.00 in the 100m, there is a good chance it is fast twitch fibre.

I believe that fast twitch muscle fibres respond to lighter EMS stimulus than slow twitch. For example, if you have the setting on 1 and your muscles are contracting, good chance they are fast. If it takes till 9, then the good news is, that you can be a long distance runner still with fairly good success.

The muscle fibres in my face are all fast twitch.

hey herb where did you here that. what setting do you notice contraction at.

Lets put it this way…I am all fast twitch except for my calves. Oh well. What can ya do. I trained them the wrong way when I was 14 to about 19. Shucks…I guess I will just have to go into a sport where you bounce around on your calves alot, and then explode with punches or kicks. :smiley:

I don’t really have a number as the EMS units I have been using are tiny protable ones with settings of low med and hi.

not to get off topic,
but when you use EMS for recovery what type of setting do you put it on. A soft pulsing about the same as a resting heartbeat? A resting heartbeat hitting hard like a drum? Faster than a resting heartbeat? Or like a buzzing effect? I just got my unit so im trying to figure out what to do. And have you ever used 2 pads per muscle and if so wheere did you place the pads innferior and superior to eachother or lateral/medial of eachother?

I think the best or most scientific was is to obviously get a muscle biopsy and have an exercise physiologist take a look at the extracted muscle under microscope or other apparatus. I forgot the name of the extractor, been about 2-3 yrs since I took exercise phys at school.


i’m curious how did you train your calves, i’m wondering if I’m training mine wrong now

you dont specifically train your calfs, sprinting in spikes and olympic lifts and plyos are enough to take care of that.

Also large calfs can be a negative attribution to sprinting> anyone care to elaborate on that?

ok i just found the answer…

In “Training For Speed” Charlie says… “Calves must not be overdeveloped as excessive size can overweigh the end of the rear leg lever and slow leg movement”.

so i shouldn’t do calf lifts with mass then? How about at light weight strictly for aesthetic purposes?

Charlie “Training For Speed”

“Calf musculature and steength developement is maintained via actual sprinting with the exeption that EMS is rarely applied to calves exept in injury rehabilitation modes”

So you see, sprinting in spikes as well as plyos and cleans which get you onto the balls of your feet will work your calves plenty. As will plometrics but sprinting is a plyometric in itself.

I have always had huge calves. Is there a way to counter the effects of having big calves?

upload a photo…coolcolj likes to show skin…maybe you should too.

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upload a photo…coolcolj likes to show skin…maybe you should too.

Do you think I’d have a problem running with these?