How do i relax more when i run?

The masochist said to the sadist : “hit me, hit me”
The sadist replied : “NO!”

Relaxing really helps! I’m sure I need a lot more practice to master it, but even on a bad day just by relaxing i felt pretty darn fast!

congrats :smiley:

i’m trying to work down to a 54 or 53 this year too…just haven’t touched the track/running since soccer :frowning: should probably cut down on the steak buffets too…

just wondering though, you said that you got this time at cross country…i remember you said you played football or something? haven’t checked out this board in a while though, so i may be missing stuff. maybe it was that you had a really fast 40 time so i thought you should be playing football.

guys the whole secret to running fast or using all is to move as order to do so you must be 1-relaxed as we know and 2-everything working together as a unit which will occur naturally when relaxed.tension will cause friction between major groups resulting in lack of unison resulting in trying to do something resulting in slower times.its a snow ball effect when you are not relaxed also trying to do something will have negative effects also unless you understand what exactly you want to do or you are very well trained and in tune with you feelings vs actual movements.

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