How do i relax more when i run?

i ran a 100 today and it felt like i was struggling the whole time but on a postive note i ran a 400 in 54!the cross country team timed it for me guess i got lower my goal

Upper or Lower body or both? be more specific…

well mostly my upper body but at times my lower body actually i felt like i was struggling on the whole system

noone wants to comment on my 54?i think i’m gonna go for a 52 or lower this year i’m gomma see just how hard i can push

that’s awesome, a 54, I’m probably over a minute, I’m a pushover when it comes to sprint endurance, after football and hockey I’ll have to work off this “beer belly”

I heard good sprinters use a plan all i did was the first 50 meters i picked up speed and got into my form from 50-150 i just kept going and going trying to keep the same speed and save some energy for the last part from 150-300 i sped up little by little until the last 100 where i gave it all i had

the 100 is my favorite event but i think the 400 my be my best if i can get it too below 47 in my senior year

set your goals a little more reasonable… example instead of wanting to get to a 47 by your senior year, say “I want to run under 52”… or somethin like that… if you use smaller goals and steps, you will be more succesful. Then once you get under 52, the next goal is breaking the 50 second barrier, and so on… Im not harping on you or anything, just tryin to give you some advice so you dont get pissed if you dont get to 47.

Good job on the 54 though… How old are you again?

Thats a good analogy, its what I use and unfortunately didn’t use when I was younger. I spent alot of wasted energy on comparing my age & times with others rather than simply focusing on myself and the analogy of Cortese is what I use now, now that I am older and more mature…jeez I just realized…I AM old! damn!

sixteen years old

Congratulations on your 54, that’s an extremely good time to be running this early in the year. 52, is definately do-able. If you play all of your cards right 51.7-9 is not too far out of reach. Keep that in mind. When you start your track season train your guts and you will surprise yourself.

I know my coach as a freshmen in High School he won (Frosh/soph) league in the 100,200, lj. He swore that he would get a running scholarship to a big school. His sophmore year, he moved up to 200-400 because he had made a number of good showings as a freshman in the 4x400. He made it to the Utah state finals in the 400. The guy was blazing ran consistantly around 50.0 seconds as a junior. My coach moved up again in events and ran exclusively the 400 and the 800. He was #3 in the state for the 800 and won the 400, he got a full ride to BYU, where he went on to run 1:48 in the 800. Keep an open mind, is all I’m saying. The reason he got the scholarship was because he showed the necessary speed (in your case it might well be the 100 or 200) in the 400 as a high school student to be competitive at the collegiate level as a two-lapper.
I’m not trying to convert you to the 800, just warning you that you may find yourself running a whole lap in college instead of just the home straightaway. Work hard Blaze you’ll do amazing things.

excellent results blaze! exactly my time when i was ur age.

Keep working hard. Palm is right, you may find yourself moving up? I probably could’ve been a pretty good 800 runner, (my first ever 800was when I was a senior in high school; in practice against one of our best 800 guys, I ran a 2:05 in early February, this was before my low back injury…) Just work hard, the times will follow. My PR in the 400 was 53.34 when I was 15, the next track season when I was 16 I went on to run 51.79 and 51.4 on the relay, so you may see a huge improvement this coming season. Remember to set those goals to they are attainable and once you reach em, keep settin new goals for yourself… Good luck!

if i had to switch to anything it’d probrably be the decathalon my coach says he likes having me on the team cause i can do any event and get points i told him that was fine and dandy as long as i’m not doing th 3200 :wink:

Anyone know info on how to run relaxed? (in both arms and legs…overall i mean)

It’d be much appreciated and very helpful! And I know i wouldnt be the only one learning more :slight_smile:

when I run, the main thing is to keep the shoulders relaxed, “jellow-jaw” goin on(look at Ato Boldon’s face when he’s sprinting… completley relaxed! I don’t see any tension; should be like that), and try not to clench the fists too tight… the rest will follow… I dunno if that helps, but I do feel fairly relaxed when I am running if I follow those methods…

i second that- relaxing your face and then shoulders tends to make the whole body follow suit. my arms tend to tighten up during 400’s, i focus on maintaining 90 degrees.

focusing on something small like that almost makes me forget that i’m running and in pain, and then its over faster.

so is that how you get through hard workouts?focus on something small?

Though it’s hard to sound modest when you come up with a running truism, is that it’s easy and lazy to run with a tight unrelaxed face, it transfers to the rest of your body. It shows a lack of focus. It’s much harder to “stick you hand in the flames” without flinching than to driver a tightly clenched fist into the fire. In order for you to get the most out of your harder (anearobically harder I assume) workouts you HAVE to stay relaxed, you will ultimately be wasting your time if you try and run intervals with a clenched jaw.

Edit: Blaze, You shouldn’t just try to “get through” your harder workouts… embrace the pain like the masochist you are.

hold how am i a masochist?and lemme look that up cause i’ve never been called that before