How can you tell if an event is right for you?

If you can answer any of these…

What factors do you take into consideration when deciding which event you should focus on?

What key factors must be present in a sprinter (talent wise) for them to become a quality runner, in any event?

What factors for the, 100, the 200, the 400 and so on are necessary to make a great runner?

Is acceleration the more important factor in the 100, or is it top speed, or is it the ability to maintain your top speed? (Same questions for the 200 and the 400)

I was told that maximum speed or using the flying 30m was the best indicator for the 100m

Palmtag,first of all make sure you like the event that you are thinking about.having fun and an interest will have great effects on your performances.there are certain charactaristics of sprinters which the cfts goes throught early on in the book which i think you should read.

don’t forget that with proper training anyone can get faster.Fun,Fun,Fun!!

I just ordered cftfs and I am trying to get my wireless network up so I can pull it off of my handheld :stuck_out_tongue: Hopefully I can ask more meaningful questions later.