Hotel High Intensity work?

In a tight spot here, wondering if anyone can help.

My first meet is about 3 weeks. I’ll be running just the 3rd leg of a 4x1.
I’ve had a great pre-season: got a lot stronger in my GPP and have done good work in my SPP thus far.

Unfortunately, from Monday to Saturday morning of this week, I will be stuck in a hotel. There’s no track or soccer or football field within 10 miles and I won’t have a chance to get out to the nearest one. As far as I can tell, there’s not even a gym inside this hotel.

I’ve got the basement tempo videos, and feel confident about being able to get decent tempo work in for the week in my hotel room.

But is there anything I can do as a bridge for high intensity work? Maybe some vertical jumps (on and off bed??), clap pushups, anything at all?
Or should I just do my tempo and hope I lose nothing for the week by skipping HI work?

Thanks, guys.

Is there a pool? If so, pool sprints could be an option. See if the hotel has fire access stairs, that can be an out of the guests way place you could do short stair sprints and hops.

No pool, but I’ll check on the stairs. Good idea and thank you.

Just checked in.
Apparently there IS some sort of fitness center, there is a pool, and there’s a grass levee by the river right there where I could conceivably do hill runs.

I’m focusing on speed and SE at this point in my SPP, but I don’t think I’ll risk running sprints on TOP of the levee, which is covered by gravel. I think I’ll get in some full-speed 20-30m sprints in on the hill instead.