Here is a national website with a national finder for homeopathic drs. These are probally your best chance at finding injections such as traumeel/ arnica-jeel.


I went to a homeopathy doctor a few times and it really does help…too bad he is being sued by the IRS for not paying his taxes:o

Really what did he do for therapy. Hes being sued???

He hooked my ankles, wrists, and my head up to this machine and it gives biofeedback about everything in my body including sickness, pulled muscles, etc and then he gave me little bottles that with droppers and you take it under your tongue. The liquid stuff has USP alchohol in it, which carries the “good vibrations” in the "crystalline structure of the cells"and the liquid also contains the “medicine” like amino acids or pollen etc. I don’t think I explained this very well, but you get the picture. I hope.

Re the IRS:
my family got a letter from them asking us to pay the IRS instead of them. It sucks for him, he is cool :frowning: