Do Anyone have good experience with this products?
I’ve tried oral “magnesium” postraining and the feedback has been amazing!
(I was sceptic on homeopathy)

Oral Traumeel is IMO ineffective, then it contains lactose and give me some problem.

Traumeel works very well with injuries though it’s usually injected into the injury site in Europe.

Whats the feed back with the Traumeel cream?

Charlie, Traumeel injection works, oral IMO isn’t very good.
Cream version has bad transdermic propriety, I mix it with a carrier.

I remeber a charlie’s mix “voltarin/traumeel”.

I’m using magnesium and cuprum, the first give me good feedback.

Anyone use Shuessler’s Tissue Salt?

Used Voltoral, Traumeel and SNAC Physio balm on tendon injuries.

Also used mixtures for transdermal effectiveness.

All work well.

In USA or Canada there is Essaven Gel?
I’ve used it to promote circulation and recovery, there is a study on pubmed.
Phisio Balm is more expensive for shipping cost…45 dollars for Italy.
Do you know any cream with Copper?


I have used the Traumeel cream before and thought is was ok, but never thought to use it with a carrier. Do you think a traumeel/DMSO mix would be good, or not?

DMSO is very good as methylsaliclate, emu oil or general phospholipides, voltarin (or voltoral or voltaren the name can change…) mix with traumeel work well too.

You can try to use transdermic NSAID plaster mix with traumeel for long time absorption.

This would work

i had problems with my back and used some hemeopathy and it is much better then before!