Right now I am lifting 2-3 days a week and just doing short sprints such as 5 reps of 60m sprints about 2 times a week, with block work and drills. Should I have much emphasis on cardio right now? Not cardio in terms of miles but what should I be doing in terms of keeping my ability to not run out of breath at the end of med-long sprints up right now in the offseason? My coaches don’t reccomend 150s or 200s or any type of long sprints, and i dont like running miles or think it is neccesary to. Should I even be emphasizing this part of training right now?

I’m 16
100- 11.74h
200- 24.4h

and also, do these results indicate much potential? First year of track when i ran these.

My coaches don’t reccomend 150s or 200s or any type of long sprints

Your coaches are ignorant. Plain and simple. U need to be running those kind of sprints in training, and also 300’s, all of these will build ur speed endurance. Just look at the difference between ur 100m and 200m times. 11.74-24.4, U should be running no less than 23.5 with that kind of 100m time. Please check out the 100m and 200m sections and the speed sections to learn more. And talk some sense into ur coaches once uve seen the light.

You don’t run longer Special Endurance such as 300s at 16, though you can go up to 150, but this could be a short to long program. Tempo work would be good but that might be covered by other work in other sports?? What are the drills and how many etc?

Those times were at 15 then with little training. Any other sports in the school program for you?

You don’t run longer Special Endurance such as 300s at 16,though you can go up to 150

Why not? He is doing the 100m AND 200m. Im 14, gonna be 15 this year, and I did 300s special endurance and it greatly improved my 200m times.

Growing up (kindergarten to 8th grade) i played soccer, basketball and baseball. I’ve always had quick feet and good speed but never any track training. My freshman year of HS i didnt play any sports, i went out for track but 2 weeks into the season i moved to california which prevented me from getting times or training, and also ended my season. Last (sophomore) year, I played football and then track. This year I’m focusing on track. The drills are basic A skip B skip high knees and things. Heres how my running workouts go

800m jog
A skips 6x20m
B skips 6x 20m
High Knees 6x20m
Strides 100m x 3
Relaxed sprints focusing on form medium to hard intensity 60mx 6, 3 on straights 3 on the curve.

I think my coaches think that if i do things like 150s that I will plateau early. This running was designed for a base, ive been doing it the last 4 weeks and ive got a new phase coming up, my coach is yet to tell me. I can also post what lifting Ive been doing in these 4 weeks if neccesary.

Think long term planning.

Alright, but a Short to long Training regimen always rubbed me the wrong way.


I read Running Risks and I remember Angela saying Ben did not do the SE. He did starts instead. She said she switched to this template and her starts got better but her finish, the strongest part of her race got worse. When you created CFST what type of progarm did you have your uncarded athletes doing? Also do you think a “natural” athlete should do the programs in CFST or should they reduce volume? For example I find it hard to sprint 3x per week. The 3rd sprint session I feel it harder to focus, maintain tech, and I feel tight.


150s can be plenty tough at full speed and you still need to build up aerobic fitness as well. Longer SE can be added later on.

Ben certainly DID do Speed Endurance in sessions of incomplete recovery 60s, sometimes as many as 16 or more. Also it was routine for all of them in phases 2 and 3 to do 80, 100, 120, 150 will total recovery at incredible times, often equivalent to a world record in Ben’s case . In between, these maximal sessions, they also ran 6 x 150 at sub-max, still in the 14.6 to 14.8 range from a stand for Ben. Also Ben did 2 x 200m from a stand in 19.5 prior to Seoul. (You can look at templates on the Vanc 2004 DVD, available on the site store)
Those who had a harder time recovering from frequent speed sessions were better off with longer Special Endurance distances.

So go long to short.

150s can be plenty tough at full speed and you still need to build up aerobic fitness as well. Longer SE can be added later on

Are his coaches going to add it on later? I got the impression that they were against it totally. Probably a misunderstanding. Yeeuhson, do ur coaches not want u to do special endurance at all? or just for the phase u are in now?

I dont know what special endurance is.

special endurance training is what U do to get endurance specially for the event(s) u are focusing on. Like if u want special endurance for the 100m, then ull run some 150/200m reps etc. and for the 200m u would run some 250’s or 300’s etc. The other training experts/experienced here can explain further.

Read through the Italian Training thread to see how repetition 60s work for special endurance as well. (Menea- WR in 200m)

I will try

M: 4x30m
2xflying 20m


W: 3/4x150m SE 1-2 min rest.

F: Same as monday.

Why such a short rest between the 150s/ there’s no way it’s possible to maintain quality. You need at least 7 min recovery. Also the speed vol on Mon and Fri is light. what about adding starts etc?

hey charlie what do u mean the speed vol is low, i think hes doing 200m, im only doing 120m should i be doing more??

I’d prob think something more along the lines of:
Mon: 4 x 30m from stand
4 x 10m block start
4 x 30m block start
2 x flying 20s

Wed: Same

Fri 4 x 30m from stand
2 x 20m block starts
2 x 30m block starts
2 x 40m block starts
4 x 60m from stand (accel for 30m and maintain) with 3 to 4 min recovery