Hips out of Alignment

I’ve had problems with the alignment of my hips in the past, and I noticed when I tried to run on Monday that my hips were once again out of alignment. I checked when I got home the other day and my left leg is longer than my right, so i am positive. I know its pretty easy to fix (if you have someone who knows what they’re doing), but I leave for vacation soon and theres no way I can get into to see someone to fix it for me before then. So is there a way for me to fix this myself, or are there directions on how to do this somewhere? I really want to run but if I do my screwed up hips will 1) Keep me from running at my full potential 2) Make it really uncomfortable and 3) mess up my back. Help from anyone before Saturday would be greatly aprreciated :smiley:

Buy the book, Health through increased motion , by Peter Egoscue. The book has a section on self diagnosis of postural imbalances and then a series of exercises to correct the problems.

Amazon.com sell it.

The book is actually called “The Egoscue Method of Health Through Motion” and you should do the exercises for condition II if you decide to buy the book. Highly recommended!