Hip snatch technique/vids/pics

Anyone have a vid/pics or a description of how to perform this movement?


Give that link a shot. You should find what you are looking for.


The technique on that hang snatch looks kind of scary. His back is rounded and he looks out of control.

Is that considered good form?


I would consider most of the videos from that link bad form including the hang snatch. This link is a little better except the guy is way excesive with his jumps.


ok good. I was taught OLY stuff from a former junior medalist and he never had technique like that LOL!

Unfortunately he only showed me the powerclean and not the hangsnatch.

I’ll check out the other vids as well

thanks again,

That’s a hang powersnatch to knee level, not a hip powersnatch which is different. A Midthigh powersnatch is something differnet althougher as well.

And that BSU link is a full snatch lift with a jump, definitely not a powersnatch :slight_smile:

Chris I attached some clips of Chad Ikei demoing the lifts in a thread here

anyway it shows the hang powersnatch, from various dip depths, although he performs the dip quite slowly and reverses it gradually. Normally you’d want to snap it back up ASAP. A hip snatch is similar except the bar is kept in the hip crease with your atrms/lats and you dip down super fast like your doing a vertical jump and explode it overhead as per normal. Obviously you use a wide enough grip so it sits nicely in the hip crease.

Sorry I know I promised this a while ago. I’m having trouble getting my hands on a digital camera…

Thanks guys,

Dave what are your PBs in the following lifts?
hang clean
hang snatch
Regular snatch

Also do you perform any speedwork? I thought I read you ran a 6.8 sixty (which is FLYING)

I am wondering if you do any on track work at all?


:slight_smile: Snatch 110; Hip (Power!!) Snatch 110x2

No track work since 2000.

full snatch or power snatch? How deep?

That’s impressive if it’s a quarter squat catch dip Dave :slight_smile:

I take it you are talking kilos right :slight_smile:

impressive :slight_smile:

what are your full squat and deadlift numbers like?


Olylifters don’t deadlift, but they may clean and snatch deadlift which are different things altogether :slight_smile:

hehe I know all about the snatch dead (I love them)

I am sure he has attempted a deadlift max though with a regular (overhand) grip :slight_smile:

Just curious about his strength/explosiveness/power to BW ratio. It must be pretty good to run 6.87 FAT for 60meters. :slight_smile:

Well deadlift suits those with long arms better, having said that, me of short arms could probably deadlift more than David :stuck_out_tongue:

Although he can snatch more than me, I stiff up my deadlifts, I just have strong lower back :slight_smile:

I am curious too as to what I could run when I get back into shape, since I do a lot of power/strength work, but not as much actual hardcore sprinting, mostly tempo at the moment. My Accleration feels pretty damn good in terms of wind flying past the face :smiley:

HOLY COW that guy has some short legs.

Well he is quite short you know :slight_smile:

Thanks Col I’ll check it out :slight_smile: