Hip/piriformis tightness

Hey guys, I am a football player who has sat the past year, and I have just been reinstated by the NCAA. After playing a flag game yesterday, which was the first hard, outdoor running I’ve done in at least 6-7 months, my hip flexors are killing me today. My piriformis/glute medius has been tight for awhile, though it has dissipated with SMR. I have always had a problem with opening my stride, and problems with shoulder mobility, and I don’t know if this is due to an imbalance or not. I have been very active with football-type lifting still, so I am surprised at how sore my hips are form running. Any opinions? Thanks

Sounds normal and that your lack of trunk flexibility is linked. If you have the money then spend time getting good therapy otherwise do as much as you can to open up the hips and improve shoulder mechanics as possible.