Hip pain while squatting

I feel pain around my left hip joint during the ascent of the squat. The locus of the pain is anterior and slightly medial (slightly to the inside of my hip). Any idea what it could be?

be safe get it looked at

It could be an imbalance w/ your hips or your hips could be rotating too much while squatting. Check these two areas.

Like T-bone stated get it checked out.

To be sure rest it for about 2 weeks. NO strenuous stress on that area if pain continues.

Hope this helps

Kenny Mac~~

I had pain in the same area when I changed my squat depth from parallel to full. It felt like the stabilisers connected between pelvis and femur where mildly strained. If so, their conditioning was probably not suitable for this change. I think I gave it 3-4 weeks and then just resumed with parallel squats.

I dunno what to do. The physios in my area are BLEEPing incompetant

MRI, not a cheap solution but it is clear.