Hip Mobility Program

Has anyone got a sample of a good hip mobility program we can use for a guy with extremely tight hips?

I have got him to focus on static stretching in the past few weeks, particularly on his hip flexors. Are there any special drills we can do to increase his dynamic hip flexibility? (We don’t have access to high hurdles)

This is a guy who is has run 11.00e despite having the poorest flexibility I have ever seen for someone with his ability (rugby player).

On the GPP DVD we show hurdle mobility work, both over and over-and-under these are great for hip mobility.

Ask around at local tracks, sometimes they’ll have extra hurdles. You can use one if that’s all you can get by just turning around instead of continuing in a straight line.

This guy doesn’t actually train at the track (although I do personally), just at our training centre (we have a short synthetic track for our speed work but no hurdles at all). Are there many drills we can do without hurdles, apart from mimicking the over hurdle action over a series of high traffic cones?

You could use the pins in a power rack.

can you use folding chairs? i’m sure that he can find something to substitute hurdles. those drills are great for the hips.

Good idea with the pins in the squat rack, although he probably won’t do them when I’m not around because he doesn’t want to look silly in the gym. :slight_smile:

I think what I could do is just get a couple of high chairs and put a broomstick across it. Also could someone elaborate about the ‘under’ part of the drill? (I don’t have the GPP video), do they just squat down and duck under it?


  1. Get Charlies DVD for the drills.

  2. In addition to coaching football I also have a small gym where I coach the older athlete. (like myself) There isn’t room for hurdles so I went to the hardware store and purchased a piece of plastic plumber’s piping about 1/2 inch in diameter and about 5’ long (costs about 3 dollars); purchased a squeeze clamp about 10 inches long (the kind with the red handles you can squeeze with one hand). I slide the plastic tube through the middle of the clamp and attach it to the back post of the lat pull (or any piece of equipment that works). It takes a second to adjust it to any height I need. It’s works like a charm, it’s safe and cheap and takes up zero space. It can’t replace a series of hurdles but under the circumstances it does the job.

Hope that helps,
Football Coach