hip flexors during accel.

How much stress is put on the hip flexors during accel. and how common is hip flexor injuries during accel?

It seems that I am once again having hip flexor troubles and accel. seems to be what has aggrevated it over again in the past. I would like to know who have had similiar experiences and if it may be a technique issue such as “overextending or pushing to hard” , and what they have done about it or what can be done about it either technique wise or simply treatment wise.
I am going back to the physical therpast who has helped me once before however it is only a consultation as he cannot treaT me without a dr. rx.

bump. I basicly have the same question regarding hip flexor activation in acceleration. And basicly in snapping the foot high and then snapping it low.

Avoid trying to consciously snap the foot high and low. This causes additional
breaking forces which increases the risk of injury. Acceleration should be smooth and rhythmical. Work your arms and your hips will follow through.

Avoid trying to consciously snap the foot high and low.
Im not sure what exactly is meant by that can you please explain.

My therapist said that i have a weakeness in my left oblique which is causing my right “side” not to come foward with my right leg during accel. which is putting alot of stress on the tendon hip flexor area. So i need to strengthen the area and change my mechanics a bit and bring my hips along with my leg during accel so its not just kinda hanging out there putting stress on my hip flexor. Sorry for the unclear post.

How is your rectus and hamstring flexibility? How active are your glutes during acceleration?

Could you be rushing your acceleration/stride and not letting the track return its energy to you?

If you are transitioning improperly off the ground you will put tremendous stress on your hip flexors.

Best of luck getting over it quickly :slight_smile:


When do you notice the pain? i.e the frist stride? after 5 strides? or when you start to come upright for the full sprint?

That is def. a possibilty.

Probably around 3-5 strides.??