Hip explosions-charlie tell me what u think

Those are them i kno louie simmons and he told me about them ive done them before with a barbell requires alot of explosive power to get up that pic is from the world atlas of exrcises for track and field. I find these are very effective let me kno your thoughts charley

Never seen those til now… Just tried one, took some explosiveness to get up I’ll say that… Curious to see if they are effective?

Interesting exercise. I’ll have to give the top one a shot.

looks like a good exercise for hip flexor explosiveness. would be good for hurdlers especially

Good to see you talked to Louie. Maybe you could go over what advice he gave you.

what did u post about it id idnt c

yea the advice he gave me was also pistol squats are great for vert and also to work miotic strech reflex sit on a box and from sitting position jump onto a higher box and other stuff he told me. Most importantly though he told me that in order to develop your verticl there needs to be a strength day and a reactive day in each week like my program is he told me u cant have one or the other u need both for maximum gains.
thats a lil info he shared with me

I’ll try again. don’t see why you’d want to get into that low position unless you’re training to be a Russian Step Dancer.

charlie i kno u kno your shit thats a fact but this exerise is extremly helpful when tying to get more explosive from the hips. That picture is from the world atlas of exercises for track and field. The first time i was tought this exersice was with mike miller at naz barbell.www.nazbar.com and then later i talked with louie and he said that that is almost the best exercie for increasing your vert he said do with weight but weight u can handle he has a guy who went to from standing jumping onto a 42 inch box to a 49 inch box cause of those and the guy can do 225 pds on those hip explosions i think i can do like 35lb thats some sick power right there well hope this helps…btw i like your forum alot great people on here.
thanx again

I don’t get it, but if it works for you- go for it.

you asked charlies opinion on them but you seem to already have your own opinions! What are you training for? Exercises that work the postural chain tend to be better at improving the vertical.

well louie told me that helps vertical alot and was just asking his opinnion and he told me about a dancer lol

I’m a little behind the times, Is that a plyometric assist device you’re wearing in the picture? (I know parachutes are used for horizontal runs)

That is the crazy guy from the olympics I think. There was another crazy one looking like Santa that messed up the mens marathon.

They should have been put in the ring together- winner jailed, loser shot.
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Ya, that guy was an ass___e. I read that the Brizilian runner, said to the press, that he had no ill will towards the santa clown…he’s a better man than me, I’ll tell you that, b/c if it was me…the italian side of me would have came out.

I had no idea that this guy was arrested for child molestation, was this post olympics? i heard nothing…

Yes , he is a defrocked priest and it was in the news this last week

LOL, some respect! Thats Ron Bensimhon, funny guy, from Montreal (just had to be a canadian!) He also went on the ice wearing a similar outfit during the world figure skating championships in Germany!
I’m in a little better shape than that!

Yes, he’s a paid shit-disturber who gets airtime at other people’s expense. If they’d kept this prick in jail for the duration of the Olympics, as originally ordered, maybe that child-molesting bastard would have been scared off.

I thought it was kinda funny when that ballerina was on the diving platform, only because they showed very little coverage of Weightlifting usually 5 maybe 10 minutes if we were lucky, a day. I didn’t get see all of the track coverage I would have liked either. After watching so many hours of boredom I found it quite entertaining. This guy gets paid to advertise an ontario casino and I guess he must have had a really big payday, can anyone say IRS.

As for the fugazzi priest I would have jumped over the barricade as soon as I saw him going towards that Brazilian runner and pulled down his pants. :eek: