High School Summer Football Speed Work

Tried to post this in another sub forum but it didn’t work so here goes…

I was recently asked to help out with a local high school’s speed training.

Couple bits of information to keep in mind:

1.) I have to deal with about 45-55 Varsity, 35-45 Junior Varsity, and 35-40 Freshman.

2.) Sessions start at 8:15 a.m., Monday-Thursday (Though I may convince the H.C. to have an additional training day added to Fridays, maybe for weights only). Practice ends at 10:30-10:45 a.m.

3.) I was thinking about breaking down the week by position rather than age group, i.e. all speed work done by skill guys on the same days (frosh, JV, Varsity), while the lineman are lifting, etc etc…

This is just some general information as I am not sure how they are going to set up the weight training with the guys just yet. Once I find this out it will make it much easier to make a weekly set up.

I have something I am working on right now, I will post it in the next day or so once I finish to get some feedback on it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

once u get more details let us know.

I have been involved in nearly the same situation. Here is my advice based on my experience:

  1. Focus on a few things each day, don’t go crazy trying to do too much

  2. Start out with a few exercises everyone can do, and then add 1-2 each day and “teach” those. Your entire program may take a week or so to teach.

  3. Split workouts up by position. i.e.

DB/WR: Squat throws—>acceleration—> cutting drill (technique emphasis)
RB/LB: Cutting drills (technique emphasis)—>rotational wall throw—>accelerations
OL/DL: Position starts---->3 point wall throws—>backwards(OL)/chase (DL) drill

That sets up 3 “circuit” stations and can get alot done that way. Once you teach them the throws, you can focus on coaching technique.

I follow the same in the weight room. One group may clean while the other uses a Jammer. One group may squat while another does box step ups. This allows me to coach the one lift.

Good luck.

Thanks for the advice, I will definitley take it into consideration when I finish developing the full schedule (when I get some free time here!!).