High school state champion in both the 100 and 200

my 100 meters was very good i was sprinting in lane 6the tuffest guy was next to me in lane 5,i managed to pass him in the last 20 meters as my start was terrible and he was on a pretty good start but basicly he lacks endurace as i managed to beat him in the last 100 i played the roll of frankie francis as fredricks get bad start and mange to catch up laster any way i made a personal best of 11.22 after i was making 12.00 nlast year ,the 200 was very easy there were no serious competition so i secured 1st place by just 24.04 pretty slow i still didnt run the best 200 meters guess i am saving my energy for a major event

Were these times electric? 100m is VERY good, congrats!


What state and what age? I want to see how I mesure up

basiclly i am not american iam the high school champion of Alexandria the second largest city in egypt so i am egptian

that’s awesome :smiley: and congrats on the big win as well!

thanks and what are ur events

man thats cool keep on the hard work i am algerian man so may be i will see u on the mediterranean games at almeria spain 2005!

who said that we north african are for long distnces? :smiley:

yes man thanks ,how old are u am still 16 so i guess i still wont be able to compete ,its all about hard work and some genes