High School Sprinters

First Year sprint coach. I have gotten familiar with training terminology through Training for Speed

We have approximately 10 weeks to the Region Meet on April 26 and 27. Based on the descriptions of workouts we have been performing Extensive Tempo Work and High Volume Strength Work. So we have performed approximately 2 weeks of GPP. We still have a long way to go to get into shape. Most of my athletes have been lifting weights in the winter and I picked up a lot of Basketball players about a week ago. What would be the best way to cycle the next 10 weeks to peak for the region event. When would we start the 3-1-3 strength cycle, Acceleration training, special endurance I and II and speed endurance. If you can give specific training advice that would be great. I.e. when to incorporate Ins and Outs or use overspeed training devices.

Other questions:
I have read where pushups and bodyweight exercises are done during extensive tempo work. What are the rest intervals. We have been jogging between tempo runs (i.e. Run 75% 200, Jog 200)

After GPP I would like for a typical week to be the following:

Mon. Acc. Day Weights Total Body Explosive (4-5 lifts)
Tue. Ext. Tempo, Core work
Wed. Special endurance Weights Circuit
Thurs. Ext. Tempo, Core work
Frid. Hills or special endurance/speed endurance, Weights Total body (4-5 lifts)

Is this too much/too little. Also any special drills or training days to break up training time on track would be great. Thanks