high intesnity work microcycles for a jumper

Hi please can you give some advice on how to plan sprints of high intesity around my jumo training.

I have can only jump train on tues/ thurs eveings at the track. I currently use mon and wed or weights

my question is this how do i incorporate the right amount of speed stimulus throughout the week.

as monday is high int through weights tuesday i will do three quarter run up work out to 30m for 6-8 reps and the cyle is reapeated on wed and thursday, this leaves me with only saturday as a dedicated sprint session, what can you recommend in tersm of putting some more sprints into the microcycle
doing them on either moin/ wed means that both the tues and thurs sessions are high intesity and i wont be able to perform let alone recovere from the previous days sprints, i can’t do the sprints after jumps as i am already fatigued and similariuly i can’t do them before as it wipes me out for the junmps

any suggestions

once again my week looks like this:

mon weights
tues - 6-10 full app jumps + plyos
wed - weights
thurs - air taechique of ramp/ take off drills
and bounding
fri off - rehab sauna ems etc
sat speed/ speed endurance deicated session
sun light tempo 1000m/ off

jump on same day as weights.

dont do full approach jumps - thats stupid

i would go
m- sh app jumps/approaches/weights
t- tempo or circuit
w- light technique
th- sp end/weights
f- off
s- sh speed/plyos/sh approch (less than monday)
s- off/circuit or tempo

i would do circuits more so than tempo…jumpers dont need tempo

u should try and move ur hi intensity stuff to the same days…weights and speed should be the same day
just like if u were training for speed like everyone else on the site

thanks for the info, That exactly what I want to do but the problem is tiime, I can only train with my coach at 6.30pm which is about a 2hr technical jump session which we can only do on tues and thurs due to centre opening times and our own tim that means I have to do technical work in the pit on those to days now the that means i finish the session at around 8.30-8.45 which is to late to do a quality weights session.

any suggestions on this format ?

mon off
tues - speed b4 jumping practice (if possible)
wed - tempo
thurs - jumping practice
fri - weights
sat off
sun - weights