High intensity training

First meet is february, championships may.

When should I start intense training? I have been lifting vigoursly throughout the summer up to now.

In terms of sprinting, when should all that come along? I just started working on drills a lot right now.

And when should I pull out the spikes? I heard only pull them out when going 80% or faster.
I guess I’ll rephrase the questions

When to start-
How long to continue heavy weight training
Vigorous sprinting
and using my spikes

I already have a solid base, and strength is good. I dont want to over due it because we go all the way up to May

if u will be competing until may then id suggest u stop ur heavy weight training atleast 3weeks before ur first competition in february and start converting to power. i would suggest then on ur high intensity day u do ur sprints followed by a complex session that includes a mix between plyos and weight training (power all the way so reps are low and rest is enough). then do the lighter tempo session the other day. u can start using ur spikes to get a feeling of the track and work ur speed. start off with 60m to work on good acceleration and work ur way from there to top speed, speed endurance, and special endurance. work hard and train smart.
good luck