I’m having a strange problem thats been occuring since around end of may. Where peroidically my hip flexors and around the hip joint will get sevre lockup and just toally seize during races. It seems to come and go. I’ll go to a chiropractor get it adjusted feel great have a killer week of workouts or even 2 then it’ll just come back. Its becoming very frustrating. I was running faster in may with no speed training!

any suggestions?

How old are you? You need a complete medical work-up.This could range from muscle tightness, age related irritation all the way to an evulsion fracture. Are you pushing your stride?(Dont) Do you do hip flexor exercises? (Stop! If you “step over” with good technique, the hip flexors dont have much work to do.) From your discription we know you are overtraining at the very least! (Killer Weeks)

I’m 20 years old. Last year 2002 was my first full training season and i had the same problem late in the season. THis year i was sorta by need moved up to the 400m and ran very well. Then around mid july the wheels so to speak came off. I’d have great workout weeks then something in my lower back would shift(chiro found my pelvis and scrum moving around) for no real reason. I thought it had fixed but its back again and worse. Its getting so very frustrating.

Like for worksouts. Last week on monday i tempo’s
tuesday i did 1x250 and my coach shut it down cause i pb by .40 27.5 and i was exhausted afterwards for 3 days. THen around saturday my back just tightenedup again and my left hip is just killing me. I have no lift in my hip flexors right now and there tight as heck.

I got till august 7th to try and get heale. or loose or something.

Plz any advice would be greatfully taken.

you might have torn cardilge in your hip. last summer i got my hip scoped becuase of something similar to that.

thing is i go to physio and chiro
its all my muscles shifting all around for no bloody reason.
least thats what it seems to be.

look for the pattern…Hard week (or two) -> spasm’s -> Rest, Treatment,recovery, speeds back…Hard week (Or two)

Z, how’s your core strength? How much abdominal work do you do? Has anyone shown you how to do abdominal work correctly?

Are you lifting heavy in the gym?

How’s your lorditic curve?

You need to get the chassis right before you add the turbocharger or else everythings going to fall apart.

k here’s what my schools physio and and outside source think. Are coach tapered us for naia’s but following we didn’t get bakc into a routine
ie weights my core strenght and as. ANd gradual the lack there off loosened everything. I’ve restarted the strenghteing and ab core and i am getting somewhat better. I also got a agreesive massage today and it loosened up all the muscles around where i’ve had chiropractic adjustments. The therapist was saying chiro is great for a week ten days then it’ll al tightenup again


Originally posted by Zenonth
[b]The therapist was saying chiro is great for a week ten days then it’ll al tightenup again

thoughts? [/b]

Of course. There is no magic cure. If there is a problem with your motor patterns, you lack balanced development or you are doing something wrongly the problem will always come back. The chiro is just a part of the solution.

yea my nxt and final race is august 7th and 9th. I’d like to somehow survive till then run the 3 races and then hitback for the fall and get rdy for nxt year. One can hope i suppose.