Help with training emphasis

I would like some advice on how to plan my training over the coming weeks.

I have achieved the following hand times, from first movement, in training:

30m - 3.94
60m - 7.6
100m - 12.05
150m - 18.0

I’m disapointed in my times from 60m upwards as I think that with a 3.94 30m I should be running a bit quicker over 60, 100, 150, am I correct in asuming this?

I’m asuming that to improve the above times I should be working on top end speed and speed endurance,is this correct?

In the East German Textook of Athletics, there is a table suggesting an athlete with a 30m of 3.9 should run a 6.9 60m and a 11.0 100.

Any opinions will be greatly appreciated.

It might be best to start with an example of a typical training week, along with general training background. Try to familiarise yourself with general Charlie Francis Training System (CFTS) guidelines to understand where the replies that will follow are coming from. Search the old threads for these.

Don’t jump to too many conclusions off of first movement handtimes. Those numbers from the East German book are likely only applicable to electric times, or at the very minimum handtimes reacting to something. For me first step =.7, so first movement probably =.5? (Someone correct me if I’m off here).

So you’re revised FAT times would be approximately:

30m: 4.44
60m: 8.10
100m: 12.55
150m: 18.55

I suspect something is off here, as you seem to be maintaining a spee higher than your maximum. (8.10-4.44)/3= 1.22 (12.55-8.10)/4= 1.11 (18.55-12.55)/3=1.20

Based on this analysis, I would say that your 30 time was measured as faster than you actually are, or your 60 time is slower than you actually are.