Help with osteitis pubis recovery

Hey guys,

I got some bad news from a specialist today. I more than likely have osteitis pubis and will be out for around 4 months. Im still to have an MRI and X ray to confirm but this guy is good, he works with the UK athletics team often and im pretty sure hes correct in his diagnosis. Anyway, he said that the cause was more than likely poor trunk mobility and strength and that i need to work on alot of core/ trunk stuff during rehab as well as maintaining my aerobic base through low intensity work and also mentioned that i could return to light lifting in a month. Ive done some searches for core and trunk strength but havnt come up with anything useful as yet so could someone possibly point me in the right direction with this? (possibly someone with knowledge/experience of this condition). Also, could anyone recommend any pool stuff for me to do or any links as i dont have a clue in this area.


(in a bit of a rush just now - sorry)

Sorry to hear that bud …

Have a look for some Austrailian work and studies Scotty.
They have done some stuff on this with Aussie Footballers.

I’m not sure if many here have come across it.

There is alot of stuff out there though in the literature.

You’ll have alot of core work to do and alot of rest, but the good news is - you can make a full recovery from it if you do as you’re told - not easy to do - but the best thing to keep in mind.

Run an few searches, Aussie Rules, Rugby and there are a few Medical Studies you may learn a bit from.

Thanks mate, ill run some searches now

right, after some research ive decided to put together something positive instead of moping around all depressed wondering if im ever going to be able to run again. I was thinking something along the lines of the following (to start when im allowed to lift again);

Monday- Weights- Bench, Squat, Clean, Db press, Lat pulls, curls- 3*8
Tuesday- AM- Yoga/ Pliates (to tackle the mobility issue) plus core and GS circuit including light overhead squats, crunches, med ball work, leg raises, push ups etc…
PM- Pool- (could someone please help me with this?) i was thinking 10 mins of light swimming followed by some spot running intervals or maybe just 20-30 mins of swimming (really not sure what to do with this)

Wednesday- Weights- Fr Squat, Hang Clean, Military press, DB rows, Seated Db press- 3*8

Thursday- as tues
Friday-As mon
Sat- as tues

My main aim during this injury period is to maintain some sort of aerobic base while working on flex/mobility. While im doing no speed work im figuring im gonna try to increase my lifts and put on a little good mass (as im an ectomorph) but am not sure whether to do some sort of max strength cycle during this period just in the weights room or not. Im gonna try to build up to grass tempo towards the end of the year and a slow progression into speed work.

Any opinions on the above set up during my injury period?