Help with my program

This is what I’m doing for the next 6 weeks leading up to lacrosse season:

Mon: 8x30-40m w/full recovery
Med ball overhead throws x30
Hang cleans 5x3 (65-80%)
Squats 4x2-4 (80-90%)
Reverse lunge 2x8 ea. leg
Bench press 4x2-4 (80-90%)
Rows 2x10

Tuesday: 10x160m (75%)
skill work

Wed: repeat Monday
Thur: repeat Tue
Fri: repeat Monday
Sat: repeat Tue.
Sun: rest

5’8 168
Squat: 385
Bench: 235
VJ: 31"

So far I’m happy with my progress as far as gen. explosiveness, strength, and fitness are concerned. However at my size I don’t carry alot of muscle mass and have a considerable amount of fat. I feel that my program is not addressing this issue. I also feel that it’s not addressing erector spinae/hamstring strength enough.

In short, I’d like to look better with my shirt off, and address the posterior chain issue. I;m thinking of adding this circuit to tempo days:

med ball twists

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

Well instead of sitting around and waiting I came up with this:

Mon: Speedwork
12x30-40m w/ full recovery
med ball overhead throws x20
med ball forward throws x20
hang cleans 5x3 (65-80%)

Tue: Lower body strength/hyper
Squats 6x3 (70-90%)
Deadlifts 6x3 (70-90%)

Wed: Tempo/Upper body depletion
10x160m 75%
3xchins to failure
3xdips to failure
3xpushups to failure
3xrows to failure

Thur: Speedwork
Same as Monday

Fri: Lower body strength/hyper
reverse lunge 2x10
bulgarian split squats 2x10
goodmornings 3x10
stiff-leg deadlift 3x10

Sat: Tempo/Upper body depletion
Same as Wednesday

Sun: Rest

Thoughts? My main goal is increased speed.

What phase is this for?

I don’t really structure my training into phases as I’m not a sprinter, but a football/lacrosse athlete. So basically I have a 4-month offseason followed by a 2-month competitve season (I am 10 weeks into my offseason right now). I would consider my entire offseason an extended GPP phase for where I’m at training-wise.