Help Please

I need soe help I have a big meet comin up and i need to know what I need to work on my PR is 11.43 in only 3 track meets so far this year last year it was 11.56 my problem is that when the gun goes off I have the best reaction time and the best first 10 meters and than people start passin me, and then by the 60 meter mark I suck them people right back up and pass them I know that sounds really wierd but can somebody help me

You need work on acceleration. Do more Acc. Dev ?

ok thanks what would kind of drills would you recomend for me to get better acceleration?

another question when coming out the blocks what should you take short quick steps or long strides?

You can do stuff such as:

10m,20m,30m runs to work on your acceleration. Start with a 3-pt stance or block if you want. Do explosive lifting or plyometrics because they will help your acceleration phase as well.

As for coming out from the block, i’m not sure but maybe someone else can answer that for you?