Help Please! Extreme Potential for Burnout!

Hi Fellas, I have an issue regarding my schedule. I play Hockey 6 days a week, weight train 3 times a week, and have 1 team conditioning session a week, here’s how it breaks down.

Monday- 1 Hour Practice
- 1 1/2 Hours Weight Training

Tuesday- 1 Hour Practice

Wednesday- 1 Hour Practice
- 1 1/2 Hours Weight Training

Thursday-Three Hours of Practice (two sessions)
-Team Conditioning

Friday- 1 1/2 Hours Weight Training

Saturday- Game

Sunday- Game

I know that this is way too much, but it is all stuff that I signed up for and already paid for, so I’m getting my money’s worth.

Does anybody here have any tips or ideas on how I could keep this up and still be game ready?

Drop the weightlifting to once a week. Put it on a monday or tuesday. Throw in a tempo day either friday or sometime during the week.

If you want to keep weight training three times a week, try droping the sessions to half an hour.


Thats what we call a sunk cost.
Simplist thing is first taking out the weight training session on the Friday, you could then do 2 weight lifting days. Also like myersje said reduce the amount of time of your weight training sessions.

What do the weight training sessions consist of?