Help Needed With Sprint Training....

Hi again all,

This year I have worked (and worked well ) with a sprints group to improve my speed. All in all, compliments my Triple jump.

Over the winter, I have been doing sessions like:

6 x 300
200/200 x 4

Towards competition been doing more speed endurance work ie:

180/170/160/150 - 140/130/120/110
10 x 90m etc…

  • speed sessions/blocks
    >this has improved my speed which is great, But at the scarifice of plyo’s and Triple jump training.

So… As i only ever have to run 45m on the runway, How could I break Down the sprint work , so that I am concentrating on getting fast over the shorter distance? Any methods/different training programmes that would help me plough more energy into the plyos etc…and still help me improve speed?

my aspired 60m goal is 6.65-6.7s
triple jump - no limits :wink:

thanks all


Are you looking to do any races longer than the 60? If not, you can skip the 500/400… type workouts and concentrate more on plyos, don’t neglect them at all. I think plyos should be one of your workout days. Your speed days should be in the 10/20/30 meter range and speed endurance for you is more like 60-100m range. What do your speed sessions consist of? How about form drills, a skips, running a’s, etc… you need to work on explosive strength also, on the track and in the gym, ie squats, step ups, cleans… Triple jumpers don’t need the kind of SE runs you are doing. Others will give you more input that could be contrary to mind, this is just my opinion.

thanks Dazs,

Speed sessions have been 4x30m + 2x 45m + 2x60m (with or without blocks)
gym sessions are quite good … at the moment consisting of:

Reps 5,4,3,2, or 4,3,2,1
Bench (max 100kg) -followed by 1x10reps ( 60%of max weight)
+push ups (10secs) + clap push ups (10secs)

1/4 squats (max 240kg) - followed by 1x10reps (60% max weight)

  • jump squats (30-40kg) 10reps + standing jumps

…I thinks this has been quite beneficial in regards to my power output(if that makes sense)

I totally agree with you on the " dropping 500/200 etc…"
i have been considering this for some time but dont know the best way to go about this. What would be a suitable plan?



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help pls …


closer to competition you should be doing your flying 30’s with full recovery and block work. Move your speed endurance to the winter and early season, omit the 500/400… workouts or do them once a week or two. buy one of the videos offered here to help with your technique. Keep working on your explosive strength. Mix in some tempo after high intensity speed days and get proper r/r. Remember, let your hard days be hard and let your rest days be rest days, ie… don’t go to the gym and work hard on a tempo day that followed a speed day. After a hard speed workout, rest a few hours then go to the gym and do your squats, cleans, etc… that way your tempo day or rest day can be a recovery day. Just wait a while others on this site will read and help out, it just takes time, give more info about yourself, training age, height, weight, stats in the gym and on the track.