help, muscle imbalance??

I am a junior in college and so far haven’t had a full season without hurting my hamstring. The first year was definitely from overtraining. Last year i hurt my hamstring at the end of indoor which led to an injury in outdoor during my second meet. Last year i may have overtrained little bit also. However, this year i made a conscious effort to make sure i didn’t overtrain. My coach allowed me flexibility to do different things. I hurt my hamstring in the beginning of indoor and somewhat at the end of indoor. I was able to recover, i opened up my outdoor season in the 100 with a 11.22 fat and 23.3 in the 200, no wind aid. Second meet i hurt my hamstring in the relay. I did a 10 day recovery cycle, and didn’t compete until 3 weeks later (last week). I felt awful in the last phase of the 100 and ran a 11.26 fat, then yesterday i did the same 11.26 fat. Now i know that can probably expect those times because of my being injured and not having full training. However, my main question if anyone can help is many times when i run the 100 ,especially the last 2 meets around 70meters i don’t necessarily just break down but my hamstrings always begin to tear which leads to injury. It happened in the 2nd meet this year and yesterday in the relay. Now i know its tough to diagnose without lots of my information so i’ll list some basic things to see if any one can help

20yrs old 100 pr 11.1 fat last year with a hamstring injury
5’9" 167 55m 6.60 fat
Bench 245
Squat 400
Hang Clean 275

Basically i did a charlie francis approach, speed days then tempo. I would lift only on speed days. Like i said the volume isn’t too high this year for me which i try to enforce. A monday lift could be squats, cleans, SLD, and core. Now i know this is still vague just wondered if anyone had any idea what it could be. One possibility that i can think of is maybe a muscle imbalance between the quads and the hamys. I usually lift heavy with squats and cleans but haven’t done any heavywork with straight leg deadlift. Would a muscle imbalance have this effect? Any suggestions i’ll be glad to listen. Thanks

Also i play football i’m a defensive back and kickreturner. Just incase if this helps with anything