Help me win this arguement

ok at work( a personal training/Physcial Therpay facality) we’re having this argument about what is the most important muscle for sprinters and all out speed. I said “hamstring” but a majority of others are saying “psoas” or glutes

So help me win the argument as to why hammies are the most important muscle

EMG activity of hamstring group along with adductor magnus is greatest through out the sprint cycle. CSA of hamstrings have been correlated in many studies with sprint speed. I can provide you with references to blow their arguement out of the water. Yes glutes are also important but hamstrings are prime movers. Psoas muscle aids knee lift but does not actually propel you forward

so provide please

Hip extensors push you down the track. However, without the hip flexors those legs can not recover. So, I don’t think there is “a most important muscle” in sprinting.

So another Pt says today that she feels abs and calves are the most important. WTF calves have alomost zero sport function aside from protecting the knees and ankles

Stupid answer calves? Well how important are plyometrics? Don’t they improve sprinting? Don’t they target mainly the calves?

Don’t you find it interesting that experts give such varying opinions with such an “obvious” question like that? I’m not sure if this is because they aren’t aware of basic structural kinesiology more than in their clinical experience they see certain patterns with runners. There is a phenomenon known as “referral bias”. Basically, experts see so many cases attributed to one “source” that they generalise that source to all problems/solutions related to that topic.

If you look carefully you can see this in almost all types of therapy.

Am I right about plyos targeting mainly the calves or am I mistaken?

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Try these references for starters. They also quote other papers so check it out.

Its all about the glutes. I remember having dinner with Glenroy Gilbert (Olympic 4x100m gold medalist) and he said it is all about the glutes.