Help me maintain my Speed

Well, guys i am in a tight spot. :confused: I need to know what to do in this
situation. Today was our first day of track practice and the only thing we did
was run about 2 miles :frowning: and after practice i asked coach when were we going to start sprinting and he said in the next 4-5 weeks :eek: .

You all know I spend the past 12 weeks with a speed program that you all helped me deisign. I have to say that it greatly improved my acc. and my form and top-end.Now to the point what can I do to maintain the speed I worked so hard to get.

Thx… :smiley:

by the way i am a sprinter and the coach uses a long - to -short program

Carry on doing what you’ve been doing.

If i dont do what the Coach says,i will be cut…


Are you saying on my own time do some speed training, to counter act the miles i will to run???

I would suggest the following:

1.Write out an extensive summary of what you’ve done so far and detail the improvements you’ve made. Give it to him Monday and talk to him on Tuesday about what he thinks could be done in order to continue progress while the others concentrate on fitness.

2.Start looking for an indoor facility right now if you’re in a cold area. One way to do this might be to call a local university where you have meets and ask if it’s possible to run there. They might just say yes or they might say that you have to be a guest and get signed in. If the latter is the case you might be able to stand outside of the facility and get someone to sign you in.

3.If the coach will/can not work out a plan for you than just try to do your best continuing your program or quit and wait for outdoors. If you have to run two miles each day and that’s it for a while it may be boring and non-optimal but if you run them slowly enough it will not greatly effect the training you can do afterwards. Most high school sprint interval workouts can probably be run at extensive tempo pace so keep this in mind as well. While you’re doing this do everything you can to stretch out your achilles and shins.

Good luck and keep us updated!