Help!! in getting ready for triple jump!!

Hi, I am new to this forum and would like to know some helpfull techniques for strengthnig my body for Triple Jumping this season; especially the knees and legs???I have not competed in the Triple Jump for 2 years do to injuries sustained to my knees (and shinsplins a year ago). I think I over trained too much…I competed in triple jump since I was in grade 6 right through to grade 9 and I am now 17. trying to get back in to Triple Jumping and trying to avoid injuries as much as possible.
I am in average physical shape but i do not know how to focus and concentrate on strengthening myself for Triple Jump? What weights should I be doing and how much? What are some beneficial techniques for getting ready?
I have recovered from my shinsplins and do not want to over work and injure my shins or knees.
What should I do?:(:(:(:frowning:

One suggestion I will give you is to minimize the time you spend doing jump-training (plyometrics) on hard surfaces. Stay on the grass as much as possible. Start with low intensity (double leg jumps) and gradually build up. If you have a short hill, you can bound up and run for some strength work.

I agree with Dlive do most of your jumping on smooth grass surfaces. Also limit your jumps in terms of number of jumps/volume and emphasize quality of reps rather than high numbers. Try to always limit or reduce ground times during bounding or any jumps for that matter. A basic weight training program would also serve you well since the strength requirements for tj’ing can be quite high.

Ya, I agree and I’ll keep that in mind. Thanks for the great responses “Pioneer” and “dlive11” (above). I really appreciate it.

I also read somewhere that swimming is beneficial for developing body and especially leg strength for triple jump. Maybe it’s because you can work out however hard you can in the water and not injure yourself in the process. I am also interested about squat techiniques and how important are they. Should I concentrate on doing squats, lower body workouts and sprinting opposed to focusing on upper body workouts? Are upper body workouts really that important for Triple Jump? if so, then what kinds? (ex. concentrating on the back or abdominals?):help::help:

We used to use a sprung gymnastics floor for working on technique (gives you more air time and less wear and tear on the legs and back). We would jump into a high jump mat. If you have access to one, great. Otherwise, we even used old wrestling mats to minimize the pounding.

You want to get in as much technical work as possible without all of the aches and pains. As Dlive and Pioneer pointed out, you can used alternative surfaces (other than the track). Save the track for qualitative work, with minimal attempts. Get strong in the weight room. Work on your speed. Then put it all together for competition.