Help Getting Faster

I need someone to please explain this to me. I can outrun every1 ive raced in school for 30m, but then i feel as though i slow down extremely and cant keep it up. Could someone please explain this. Thank you

Do you mean that you slow after the 30M mark, once you get to 50M for example you feel like you have no speed left? If this is the case it could be a number of different possibilities. Judging from your post it sounds like you are younger, I would guess that more then likely you lack general fitness. How old are you and what kind of training background do you have?

Same as I was untrained. As a youngster, practicing long jump, I would do a run up of about 25m and get tired by the time I reached the take off board on the later jumps!

How are you in the jumps?

I am thinking: general fitness/gpp will help, maybe incorporate some speed endurance sessions (50-80metres) starting soon or later, but they will be first priority.

I’m 16 rite now. It feels like i run out of gas, like i cant run anymore, but i have been conditioning and weight training for a few months now, so im not sure im out of shape. Right now im 5’11" 215 10% bodyfat. So idunno what else. See and im not sure about the being out of shape thing, because my form doesnt brake down

My vert is decent, ive never had it tested, but i can dunk a small ball, and grab rim two handed, dunno what that is exactly though.

Here’s an easy, if not 100% accurate, way if you’re curious:
Have someone measure how high you can reach, then jump and touch a rim you know is ten feet exactly and see what part of your hand (or wrist if you’re good you can hit with). Measure how much that is from the tip of your fingers, add to ten feet, subtract how high you can reach and there you go.

What’s it feel like when you run quickly? not a full out on your toes sprint, but like a fast run. It might just be that you’ve got no high-end gears or that you’ve never trained them.

Ill try that.
When I run full out, it depends. Sometimes i feel as though its work, but sometimes it feels like im just moving real smooth with no effort. I know what your talking about, I really feel the pull after like 15m, then i go. Then itl like at 30m, that burst i just had ends.