Help gettign over this plateau!

alright, the first meet of the year i was able to hit a 10.9, but ever since then I have not been able to dip under 11.0, even with the greatest competition. People say my start is slow and that I don’t really kick it in gear until the final 30-40 meters. I have started to lift again and that is just making me a more consistent 11.0. What does everyone think i should do?

First off, what does your training look like? You might have posted this before, but what’s your height, weight, bf%,age, etc? Is anyone monitoring your technique? Are you running relaxed? Basically you need to give alot more info if you want any real help.

height: 5’7 weight 145 lbs bodyfay: 7-8% age: 18

training: just tempo right now sicne we had a lot of meets for the past few weeks, but now they are beginning to die down and i will be able to get soem good workouts in. So other than using meets as training, i have started lifting again, and have been able to get in 3 sessions so far in the past week or two.

Technique: I guess it’s pretty good since all of the other school coaches keep telling me they have never seen anybody run so smoothly like me so I guess that takes care of that.

I do feel i am running relaex but i also feel i can improve upon this.

I am generally a slow starter and it seemsa that in some races people who finish in 11.7 can actually keep up with me up to 40-50 meters and then i take off (and finish in 11.0)

What do your weight workouts look like? Do you think you rush or tense up in your starts because you are worried about being a slow starter?

Right now my strneght trainer has been easing me back into his weights program so we won’t prevent any serious long term soreness that you get after lack of weight training, but we are getting pretty intense now not to mention he has me take 1000mg of Vit. C along wth 800 iu of Vit E, along with a PWO shake (23g of protein 51 grams of carbs) which also consists of bcaa’s and aminos. he also has me take a multi-vit and ZMA, this has also helped with the prevention of soreness.

anyway, right now he is having me do Bench Press, Lat pulldowns, seated rows for upperbody, and Squats, reverse-hypers, and glute -hams for lowerbody. we generally do around 3-4bsets of each exercise (sets vary per exercies) and the rep range is around 10-4 (bench press and squat we go no higher then 8 reps)

if anything, i feel that I hesitate out of the blocks and don’t get much arm or leg movement, i don’t think i tense up or anything.

I would recommend putting cleans in there, unless you haven’t done them before, in which case wait till the off season. It’s an explosive, quick lift.

If you are in comp phase with lots of meets drop the weights altogether.

Not even maintenance.

It sometimes takes over a week for your CNS to recover from a PB making performance.

Adding weights to a multi-meet week is just madness.

Do technical work (blocks etc) mental prep and focus on recovery

Just my opinion though :slight_smile:


i would actually stay with the weights, total body workouts, light weights, short recovery. Just to pump the muscle and get the blood flowing. Do that instead of some running sessions. recover from the track yet maintain muscle motion at the gym.
Also, so, you cant start fast!! so what?? Axcept it and work on your strengths. Then in off season, work on your starts. During raceing time, its too late to work on weakness.

what were the conditions like of the first race? was it a low key race, hand timed or wind gauged. these conditions can create unrealistic personal bests or season bests.

What is your 200m pb

Charlie has stated in the past that he’s used sessions such as 3 x (4x60m) to help with plateau busting


Do you have a isorobic trainer? Maybe you could try some starts with it in spikes.

JohnG, my 200 PB is 22.9 I am also having a plateau problem because I keep on hitting 22.9, against and not against competition, 22.9 and 11.0 are my walls!

As of yesterday, I hit the weights again and since the past couple of weeks and this week we only have meets on weekends (we had one on monday this week) I felt fresh enough to do a speed workout, didn;t over do it though.

4x30m using the Isorobic Exerciser (i guess this answers your question nycjay!) did these in trainers

4x30m block starts w/3 min rest
—5-10 min break-----
3x50m w/ 5 min rest

felt quick today for some reason, felt faster than i ever have been, must of been the exerciser, i dunno.

Yeah mon. It was the iso. I feel like I’m being towed after I use the iso.

Maybe you are trying too hard to run fast, and not waiting for it. Similar things have been mentioned in the Asafa Powell 9.84 threads, ie his coach told him to go easy to help him relax. As CF has previously said when people go for WR, it rarely happens. Linford did it in Commonwealths in 1994 after a fast semi-final. The weather was good with favourable wind conditions, you could see him straining to run fast, and obviously, no WR :frowning:

Alright getting a little better. We had a meet this Saturday and I surpassed my 200 FINALLY from 22.9 to 22.79! But the 100 is still stagnating, running 11.02. We did have a little bit of a head wind though, but either way i was happy/disappointed yesterday.

Maybe the workout i did payed off in the 200 and not the 100? i dunno whats going on now. My coach said that a new 100 PB should be coming real soon sicne I jsut set a 200 PB, let’s hope so.

Congrats on the PB!! :slight_smile:

Thanks Chris, I was really cruising on the straightaway, I knew I was going pretty fast on the curve but I really turned it on when I hit the 110m mark, I didn’t know I had that gear in me!

Looking back on film and retorspecting on the 100m race, I saw myself really straining the final 20-30 meters, I wasn’t running relaxed at all, and what hurts is that cost me the race! (11.00 to 11.02, the winner is the defending Division 3 state champ, same division i am in) I have ALWAYS preached relaxation and yesterday I went back on my word, but I do feel that if I would of kept my cool and stayed relaxed, I could be talking about How I went udner 11. Oh well, its over with now, I have districts Tuesday and Friday and I am just going to have to regroup and get focused for them, since I am now getting into the part of the seaon that counts.